Reef City Entertains at Tropicarnage

Pictured: The Reef City Rollergirls Travel Team. (Photo supplied: C.J Paterson)

If there was ever any doubt that the Reef City Rollergirls weren't a team to be reckoned with well the doubt was cast aside with the travel team's appearance at the first Tropicarnage Cup held in Beenleigh over the weekend. Queensland's first inaugural roller derby tournament, the Tropicarnage Cup, brought together 9 teams from across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Apart from the Towns Villians, RCRG had never come up against the remaining 7 teams before so going into the tournament the travel team was keen to experience battle against some new rivals. RCRG Captain Beth Adder explains that "Tropicarnage Cup is our peak competition for the year, our biggest bout ever. It's what we've been training for most of the season."

RCRG's first line up was against Northern Rivers Roller Derby in the third bout on day 1. Some great early jamming got the crucial points on the board thanks to Beth Adder, Pablo Kickasso, Megalingus and LamBikini. NRRD managed to hold a narrow lead heading into the second half but with the penalties starting to rack up a couple of power jams from RCRG brought the scores almost level with about 10 minutes to go. Reef City rallied with a come from behind victory, the final score 167 - 155.

RCRG's next bout was the opener for day 2 against the number 1 seed, Sun State Roller Girls who are also the number 2 ranked team in Australia. The girls went into the bout knowing the battle would be difficult and adjusted their game plan to a purely offensive attack. When Megalingus managed to rack up the first 4 points against SSRG in the first half the crowd went crazy. Chants of "Let's Go Reef City, Let's Go" from the crowd gave the girls a boost who went into the half down 107 - 4 but proud that they had put some points on the board.

The second half erupted as the SSRG defence starting becoming frazzled with RCRG's game play and more points starting racking up with Pablo Kickasso and Megalingus combining to increase the points total to 16 to SSRG's 188 with 10 minutes to go. The final 10 minutes of game play had the crowd almost tearing the roof off Beenleigh Arena as Megalingus, Beth Adder and Pablo Kickasso combined to add 14 more points. The final score 195 - 30. The girls came away from the bout with beaming smiles and ultimately better for the experience.

The afternoon of day 2 saw RCRG take on the Coastal Assassin's Roller Derby in what has been described as the most exciting bout of the Tropicarnage Cup. RCRG took an early lead against CARD with Beth Adder, Megalingus, LamBikini, Pablo Kickasso and 9mmel all showing off some brilliant jamming to get the scores to 51 - 25 early in the first half. The combined RCRG defence with some brilliant blocking work from DiePolar Bitch, Viva Las Vegeance, Malice N Mayhem, Ree-Possessed and Beat'er Von Sleeze along with some brilliant power jamming by 9mmel late in the first took the half time lead to 94 - 34.

The second half saw CARD come out all guns blazing, with Megalingus fouling out early and LamBikini on her 5th major, the girls went into defensive game play as CARD quickly put on the points, 122 - 86 with 17 minutes to go. With some power jamming from CARD's jammers the lead decreased to 129 - 110 with only 9 minutes to go. A couple of well executed jams from Beth Adder, Power Ranga, Pablo Kickasso and 9mmel took the lead back to 140 - 115 with 7 minutes remaining. With only 3 minutes remaining, LamBikini fouled out and the gap had tightened again 145 - 135.

The next 3 minutes of game play were some of the most exciting roller derby anyone had ever witnessed with the crowd on their feet and screaming as the scores leveled at 149 all at the final fourth whistle. The commentators were beside themselves and the spectators in a state of awe as everyone realised we were about to witness an overtime jam.

Beth Adder took her position on the jam line as overtime play started, the crowd roaring with excitement and she delivered. With the points going 4 a piece for the first minute of overtime the RCRG defence managed to hold off the CARD jammer as Beth Adder received a lap point and ultimately the winning points with the final score 169 - 164 in the most entertaining and nail biting game of Tropicarnage Cup.

After the game Beth Adder explained "We never backed down or gave up, and that's the real strength of our team. Other teams were very supportive and said they can't wait to play against RCRG again."

In other events of the weekend, referee Carlos The Jackal also shone for RCRG, helping officiate several bouts at his first major tournament. "I felt like such small fish in a big ocean" Carlos The Jackal explains, "But I've come out of it with a wealth of knowledge and experience under my belt, the entire zebra crew were fantastic and very supportive."

The crowd were also entertained by the first Merby bout to be held in Queensland. RCRG referees Carlos The Jackal, Marty Score-Crazy and Anonymous got their first taste of participating in a roller derby bout as they were assigned to team White "Frankie". Anonymous performed well as a jammer, racking up critical points in the first half. Carlos The Jackal and Marty Score-Crazy performed well as blockers, putting the skills learned at training with the girls to the test for the first time. Black ended up winning 112 - 106 in a nail biter finish.

Reef City came away in 5th place for the weekend, a solid performance from the team against some very worthy opponents. We made a lot of new friends and fans and were proud to have entertained the crowd in some of the best bouting of the tournament.

The Tropicarnage Cup was won by SSRG who took out the final 253 over NBR 44.

Well done to all participating leagues, the officials and volunteers who put on a great show. See you next year!