Officials work closely with the Referees though are not required to wear skates. Without them our bouts could not run.

There are various non-skating official (NSO) roles: You could be a Scorekeeper and work closely with the Jammer ref to determine how many points that team is really getting. Maybe discipline is your thing? - You could be a Penalty Tracker and keep track of how many illegal, but awesome, actions the derby girls perform, or be a Penalty Timing Official and ensure the rollergirls serve the right time for their crime. Like Playing God? - Control time; be the Game Time Keeper ! (You even get to press the buzzer). …Just want to score? Learn to communicate with the Scorekeepers, of both teams, and be the Scoreboard Operator.

A written theory exam consisting of questions relating to the NSO roles will be taken before you can officiate a bout. A pass score of 92% is required.

All of these roles are important and we need them filled so the game can run smoothly. Though if you do not want to make it "official" maybe another volunteer role would suit you…