Reef City Rollergirls bring home the hardware!


Reef City Rollergirl brings home the Division 2 Trophy at the Great Southern Slam!  June 2014

It might have been the Queens Birthday long weekend but the Reef City Rollergirls have emerged as the Queens of the rink, coming home with the Division 2 Great Southern Slam Trophy.  With plenty of jammer on jammer action, big hits, strong walls and booty blocks, The Reef City girls proved they build them tough in the north, playing 5 games over 2 days and showing convincing form winning by comfortable margins in each bout.

Reef City pulled out some ferocious teamwork and blocking skills, with communication and strategy putting a halt on the opposing team jammers, keeping the opposition scores under 100 for the first 3 bouts. While Reef City Jammers skated through the packs like a hot knife through butter racking up over 200 points in every bout and an impressive 301 points in the semi-final.

RCRG were up against the South Sydney Derby Dolls in the final and the first half had RCRG fans biting their nails as the S2D2 girls kept the scores close and at one point, took the lead.  This only ignited the fire in the RCRG girls as they clawed their way back, finishing the first half back on top.  In fact, the derby girls were so hot the venue was evacuated at half time for a fire alarm.

The second half of the grand final saw the RCRG girls come out firing (pun intended) coming home with a grand final score of 225 to 140.


Game 1 - Reef City 258 v Dragon City (Bendigo) 49

Game 2 - Reef City 202 v Inner West Sydney 74

Quarter Final - Reef City 235 v Murder City (Adelaide) 73

Semi Final - Reef City 301 v Wollongong Illawarra 106

GRAND FINAL - Reef City 225 v South Sydney Derby Dolls 140

Cairns Reef City Rollergirls have well and truly made their mark on Australian roller derby.