RCRG heads south for a weekend of derby goodness


Reef City Rollergirls all star team has earned a spot in The Great Southern Slam, the biggest roller derby tournament in Australia.

45 teams from across Australia and New Zealand will converge in Adelaide during the June long weekend for 3 days of Roller Derby Action.

After placing third in the 2013 North Tropical Thunder Competition and competing most recently in the Tropicarnage Cup, Reef City are excited to test their skill against the best derby leagues in Australia and New Zealand.

From inception in 2010, Reef City Rollergirls (RCRG) have grown from a small group of friends with a “bit of an interest” in roller derby, to a serious sport. Members are now not only training hard 4 times a week at our home ground Fretwell Park Sporting Complex in Edmonton, but are also attending and hosting training clinics with top skaters, including ex RCRG player Beth Adder who is currently on the Team Australia Roller Derby team and international skaters Carmen Getsome and Shorty Ounce.

Flat track roller derby is the fastest growing women’s sport in the world, but Reef City Rollergirls are more than just fishnets, hot-pants and pseudo “derby names” you can’t forget in a hurry.  RCRG are training hard and showing that while there’s still plenty of showmanship on the track, these girls are atheletes.

“With only days until TGSS, Reef City are training hard, but we’re ready to be a part of this exciting competition and test our skill against Australia’s best” says league president Jessica “Le Monz” Allen.