Our very own Diepolar Bitch was interviewed by ABC Far North on her incredible weight loss journey. Read more
Saturday 17th of September saw the Reef City Rollergirls hold our 3rd intraleague bout of the season between the Monsoon Maidens and Cane Sugars in September Dismember at the Cairns Recreation Centre. Nearly 400 fans filled the seats in what was tipped to be one of the closest bouts this season and they weren’t disappointed. Read more
Roller derby seemed like it could've been a passing fad but as nurse and mother of two, Allison Van Ballegoyen, aka Lambikini explains, the sense of fraternity within the sport is the reason for its sustained growth. Read more
The Reef City Rollergirls often pop up from time to time in the local paper and as September Dismember draws closer the Cairns Post had a featured article on the upcoming bout. Read more
The Reef City Rollergirls were extremely privileged to welcome some special guests to our training session on Sunday. Olivia Shootin’ John and Rice Rocket of the 2008, 2009 & 2010 League Champion Texas Roller Derby team The Hotrod Honeys took charge of the training session, putting the girls through their paces. Read more