Saturday night saw some 700 spectators fill the grandstands at the Fred Moule Pavilion as the Reef City Roller Girls went head to head with the Northern Brisbane Rollers Raw Stars Read more
The Reef City Roller Girls made the 9 hour trek south to Mackay at the weekend to take on the Mackay City Roller Maidens for the second time this year. Having defeated the Maidens in Cairns earlier in the year by a narrow margin, the girls were primed and ready for a rematch that was sure to be fierce. Read more
Saturday night saw 1500 spectators, some coming from as far away as Bowen, packed into the grand stands and suicide seating at Fred Moule Pavilion to see Cairns' home teams the Monsoon Maidens and Cane Sugars take on visiting Townsville teams The Slaughterers and Skull Ravens. Read more
The Reef City Roller Girls intraleague season got underway at the weekend as the new look Cane Sugars and Monsoon Maidens rolled onto the derby track for the first time in 2012 in "Mama Said Knock You Bout!". Read more
The Reef City Roller Girls season got off to a flying start on Saturday April 14 as the girls took to the track for the first time against the Mackay City Roller Maidens at the Cairns Recreation Centre. Read more