Have you been wanting to give roller derby a go? Don't let excuses stop you! Grab life by the..... ears... and come and see what this fun, fast-paced and skillful sport is all about.

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Did you you know that every day 31 Australians are devastated by the news that they have leukaemia or a related blood disorder? Did you also know that the Leukaemia Foundation DOES NOT receive any ongoing government funding?? You've probably heard of the World's Greatest Shave?

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Reef City Rollergirl brings home the Division 2 Trophy at the Great Southern Slam!  June 2014

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Reef City Rollergirls all star team has earned a spot in The Great Southern Slam, the biggest roller derby tournament in Australia.

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Saturday night saw the Fred Moule Pavilion converted into a roller derby battleground as a nearly 1000 strong crowd poured in to witness two awesome bouts. Read more