Referees can join the Reef City Roller Girls at any training session. Please contact for more information.

Guys and girls are both welcome to be referees. All refs are required to wear skates or blades and safety gear, so should prepare as new skaters. As a ref you get to wear the cool zebra stripes and wave your arms in wacky ways. You can check out your role at a bout here.

Our Refs get on-the-job experience by coming to training where they will learn the rules, skating, calling penalties and the like. You also get to learn other officiating roles by participating as a Non Skating Official or NSO. This makes sure our bouts are fair and smooth.

WFTDA Referee Minimum Skills Test

In order to progress as an official we require our referees to have passed the WFTDA Referee Minimum Skills test to show competancy in their skating. An average score of 3 on the test is required. Referees are required to pay close attention in a bout situation and being quick, agile and stable on your skates is essential to maintaining focus and making the right calls.

You are also required to pass a written skills multiple choice test. A pass score of 93% is required. Learning and understanding the rules thoroughly is essential to becoming a great derby referee. Download a copy of the rules from the WFTDA website.

As a referee you will also be required to learn and understand all of the hand signals used to officiate a bout. A copy of the officiating hand signals is available on the WTFDA website.

Referees are required to wear a black and white striped shirt or dress while officiating a bout. You should also equip yourself with an appropriate whistle. RCRG recommends the use of a "pee-less" whistle such as the Fox 40 Classic. These can be purchased from most major sporting outlets or online.