Get Skate Fit! (New Skaters)

So you're keen to play roller derby??

Reef City Rollergirls is an all 18+ Female Player league so our only pre-requisite to play is that you're female and over 18.  Men are welcome in our league but must take up On Skate or Off Skate Officiating Positions.
Come along to any Sunday 'Open Training' session at Fretwell Park to check out what we do! 

We have a two-step intake process for those new to skating and/or playing roller derby. 

1. Skate Fit
The Skate Fit program  will see your initial skating ability assessed, after which we introduce you to basic derby and skate training. We'll show you proper derby stance, how to fall safely and general skating techniques.  This initial 6 weeks is strictly non-contact/non-hitting training. 

2. Freshie Induction
After your initial 6 weeks, our Freshie committee and league coaches assess your skating ability and if you are eligible to progress onto Freshies training. Freshies training starts to incorporate contact in the form of hip checks, shoulder checks and whipping. At this time, training also starts to incorporate light scrimmage drills to get you comfortable skating in a pack and taking and receiving hits.

Do not despair if you are not eligible on your first try, we understand that not everyone is going to be an awesome skater straight off the bat. We encourage girls aspiring to be bouting skaters to skate socially and recreationally to build ability and confidence on skates. A lot of the girls (and refs) in the league slowly built their skills up over time by practicing in their own time, we encourage you to do so too.

We also encourage those who may not want to be skaters to take on a non-skating official role or even volunteer for the league. We are always looking for people with diverse and unique talents who can offer value to our league.

Wear breathable clothing you can move comfortably in. Do not forget your socks (the longer and stripier the better).

The safety gear you will need to participate includes:

Knee Pads
Elbow Pads
Wrist Guards

We have limited safety gear and skates available to hire at a small cost, but it is best to source your own as soon as possible.
We expect skaters to have purchased their own equipment when inducted as Fresh Meat.

***Skaters are required bring their own helmet and mouthguard.***

RCRG promotes a safe sporting environment.

WFTDA Minimum Skills
We work on the WFTDA Minimum Skills test in order for Fresh Meat to advance to intraleague bouting skater status. A copy of the skills you will need to work towards are available from the WFTDA website.
You are also required to pass a written skills multiple choice test. A pass score of 80% is required. Learning and understanding the rules is essential to becoming a great derby player. Download a copy from the WFTDA website.
In order to advance to Travel Team bouting skater status, bouting skaters are put through advanced training techniques and drills by our coaching committee.

If you are keen to get a heads up you can check out some of the important derby downloads on WFTDA.