Join Reef City in 2016

Have you been wanting to give roller derby a go?
Don't let excuses stop you!
Grab life by the..... ears... and come and see what this fun, fast-paced and skillful sport is all about.
Roller derby is for women of all ages, and if you are committed to trying your best and training hard, we're committed to helping you.
This might mean teaching you to skate from scratch, or maybe you've skated in the past and you're just a bit rusty. Whatever your skill level, our experienced skaters love sharing their skills.

Where: Fretwell Park, Roberts Road, Bentley Park

When: Sunday 22 May, 4pm

Why: Because you want to make new friends, do something new, get fit and have fun!

What to bring: (also known as: We take safety very seriously!)
Helmet & mouth guard *

Skates and Safety gear if you have it. We do have some equipment available to hire for new recruits.

1) A good quality bike or horse riding helmet is acceptable for beginners
2) Mouth guards are available from chemists, but you will want to invest in a good quality one long term
3) Safety Gear = Knee & elbow pads & wrist guards.


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